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New Hampshire Chapter Charter


Section 1.01. As authorized by the Constitution of the INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERS, INC., hereinafter referred to as the Institute, the Executive Board of the New England Section, hereinafter referred to as the Section, as recorded in the minutes of its meeting on March 31, 1992, grants this Charter for the New Hampshire Chapter of the Institute, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter.

Section 1.02. This Charter shall be effective beginning March 31, 1992, and shall remain in effect, including any amendments, until rescinded by the Executive Board.

Section 1.03. This Charter shall, on the date it becomes effective, supersede any previous charter or constitution of a Chapter enrolling members from the designated area and shall annul any By-Laws of such a Chapter that may be in conflict with it.


Section 2.01. The area designated as that of this Chapter shall be the State of New Hampshire.

Section 2.02. The purpose of this Chapter shall be to:

1. Advance the objectives of the Institute.

2. Foster closer association among Institute members.

3. Encourage members to prepare and present papers.

4. Offer suggestions on matters of policy to the Section.

5. Consider local transportation and traffic engineering problems and present advice and comment consistent with established Institute policies.

6. Foster closer association and cooperation with local individuals and groups on matters of common interest.

7. Encourage transportation and traffic engineering education in colleges, universities, and technical schools in the Chapter.

8. Encourage high school and post-secondary students to enter the transportation and traffic engineering profession.

9. Encourage and support continuing education courses and programs in the area of transportation and traffic engineering.


Section 3.01. Persons employed in the field of transportation and traffic engineering and allied fields shall be eligible for membership in or affiliation with the Chapter.

Section 3.02. Any Institute member of any grade may become a member of the Chapter, even though the person does not reside in the Chapter area, by obtaining approval of the Chapter and upon payment of the Chapter dues.

Section 3.03. The Chapter may adopt one or more types of Chapter affiliation for persons who:

1. are accumulating experience toward Institute membership, or

2. are students in a post-secondary academic program, or

3. are professionally engaged in related fields, or

4. are in a position to work with and assist transportation and traffic engineers by virtue of official positions or commercial employment.

Section 3.04. All persons who are affiliated with the Chapter as provided in Section 3.03 and who are not members of the Institute shall be identified as "Chapter Affiliates."

Section 3.05. The Chapter shall establish the manner in which persons may apply for or be invited into Chapter membership or affiliation as well as the manner in which such membership or affiliation may be terminated, but no restrictions on Chapter membership shall be placed on any member of the Institute who is in good standing with the Institute other than those stated in Sections 3.01, 3.02 and 3.03.

Section 3.06. Chapter members shall be entitled to those privileges of the Chapter including the right to vote and to hold elective office.

Section 3.07. Chapter Affiliates shall be entitled to all privileges of the Chapter except that they may not vote, hold elective office in the Chapter, or officially represent the Chapter at Section, District or Institute meetings unless the Chapter By-Laws specifically grant such privileges to the various classifications of Chapter Affiliates and specify that such privileges extend only to those actions, elections and offices which fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Chapter.


Section 4.01. The government of the Chapter shall be vested in its elective officers, who shall constitute an Executive Board, as provided in the By-Laws of the Chapter. The Chapter By-Laws may specify additional voting and/or non-voting Executive Board members. The Chapter By-Laws may specify such elective officers as the Chapter desires, provided that there shall be a President, at least one Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer or a Secretary-Treasurer. All elective officers and all other voting Executive Board members shall be voting members of the Chapter.

Section 4.02. The Executive Board of the Chapter shall manage the affairs of the Chapter in conformity with the provisions of this Charter and By-Laws of the Chapter and the policies of the Institute.

Section 4.03. By-Laws of the Chapter shall provide the manner of nominating and electing officers of the Chapter and shall specify their terms of office.

Section 4.04. The Chapter shall adopt By-Laws to govern appointment of committees, number and times of meetings, assessment of fees and dues, method of amending By-Laws and such other matters as the Chapter may desire, provided such By-Laws do not conflict with this Charter, the Constitution of the Institute or the policies of the Institute, the Board of Direction of the Institute, or the Section or District Charters.

Section 4.05. By-Laws of the Chapter may be adopted and amended after adoption only if the proposition is submitted to all the voting members of the Chapter at least 20 days in advance of the date on which the action is proposed. Adoption and amendment shall require a majority affirmative vote of the votes cast.

Section 4.06. By-Laws and any amendments thereto shall take effect when filed with and approved in accordance with the Section Charter. At any time thereafter, the Section Executive Board may annul any part of the Chapter By-Laws which it considers to be contrary to the Constitution or best interests of the Section Executive Board by giving notice to the Chapter Board.


Section 5.01. The Chapter shall not assume to speak for the Section, District or the Institute unless authorized in the particular matter in question by the Section Executive Board, District Board or the Board of Direction of the Institute, respectively.

Section 5.02. The Chapter shall not identify itself with national groups or organizations, but may identify itself with local or areawide groups or organizations.

Section 5.03. Names and addresses of all elected officers of the Chapter and the dates on which the terms of each begins and expires shall be reported in writing to the Section Executive Committee, District Director(s) and the Institute headquarters within 30 days after the election.

Section 5.04. The Chapter shall submit a written annual report to the Section Executive Board one month in advance of the annual meeting of the Section. The report shall include a summary of the Chapter's activities for the previous twelve months and a roster of the Chapter's active membership showing grade and type of each member.

Section 5.05. The Section will not be responsible for debts contracted by the Chapter, nor will it give financial assistance to the Chapter. No dues or fees will be required to be paid by the Chapter to the Institute, District or Section.


Section 6.01. The Chapter's elected officers will be notified in writing by the Section Executive Board of any proposed amendment to this Charter so that the Chapter may have an opportunity for a hearing, within six months, before the Section Executive Board concerning the proposed amendment. Unless otherwise specified, the amendment with or without change shall become effective on the date specified by the Section Executive Board.

Section 6.02. The Chapter Board may request the Section Executive Board to amend this Charter. The Section Executive Board shall meet and act on the petition within six months of its receipt. If the request is approved, the amendment shall become effective on the date determined by the Section Executive Board. If the request is denied, the Chapter shall have the opportunity for a hearing, within six months, before the Section Executive Board concerning the proposed amendment. Amendments to the Chapter Charter initiated by request from the Chapter Board shall become effective upon approval by the Section Executive Board.



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