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Active Transportation Accounting: Developing Metrics for Project Prioritization
Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Location: NHDOT, Room 114, J.O.Morton Building, 7 Hazen Drive Concord, NH
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    Despite growing interest in enhancing active transportation (e.g. bicycling, walking), little weight is currently given to the need for infrastructure improvements for these modes, largely due to insufficient data. This NHDOT research project, lead by Amy Villamanga of Plymouth State University, will yield a suite of products to enhance NHDOT's capacity to evaluate active transportation activity, provide metrics for project prioritization, and provide effective assessment, maps, case studies, and GIS tools.


  • December 2018: Annual Meeting (Common Man, Concord, NH)
    This year our presenters included Victoria Sheehan, NHDOT Commissioner, who provided an update on NHDOT's use of Emerging Technologies and Charlie Blackman, Nicholas King, and Susan Klasen from NHDOT Transportation Systems, Management, & Operations (TSMO) who presented on their ATMS program and other TSMO projects. The NHITE business meeting included the election of officers with Stephen Haas, Phil Corbett, and Linda Greer chosen as President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer; respectively.
  • October 2018: Fall Meeting (UNH, Durham, NH)
    NHITE held our fall meeting jointly with UNH ASCE on campus. The meeting was a workshop session which featured a presentation from Mike Dugas, NHDOT, who covered the benefits and procedures of an RSA. The plan was to visit local intersections to apply this knowledge and review potential safety concerns. Due to rain, the site walk was held virtually and an engaged discussion of short, mid, and long term solutions to improve safety was held over a pizza dinner. NHITE membership turnout was low, however, student attendance was large and invested.
  • June 2018: Joint NEITE/NHITE/MEITE Meeting (Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth, NH)
    NHITE's annual joint summer meeting with MEITE consisted of three presentations. The first was given by Kevin Hooper who provide updates of the 10th Edition of the ITE Trip Generation and the 5th Edition of the ITE Parking Generation. A second presentation by Jim Barbaresso of HNTB was on the Transformation of the Transportation Operations Environment and focused on emerging technologies like Autonomous Vehicles. The third presentation was discussion panel let by Steve Landry of MaineDOT and Bill Lambert of NHDOT who fielded questions on traffic operations and issues within their states.
  • March 2018: Spring Meeting (NHDOT, Concord, NH)
    Driving Us Into The Future - NHITE's Spring meeting topic was Connected and Autonomous vehicles and was intended to serve as brainstorming session for NHDOT and its consultants to further plan and prepare for this imminent technology. The all-day session consisted of several presentations on CV and AV operations, technology for the roadway infrastructure, long range planning, work zone and emergency response, and legislation. Topics were presented by design consultants, private industry, and public agencies so that all perspectives could be heard. This meeting is expected to serve as the first of several workshops on the topic within the state.
  • December 2015: NHITE Annual Meeting (Common Man, Concord, NH)
    NHITE’s Annual Meeting featured an update from Victoria Sheehan, NHDOT Commissioner, on recent and upcoming initiatives and a presentation from Bill Lambert, NHDOT Bureau of Traffic Administrator, on the Migration of “Traffic Signal Maintenance” to “Traffic Signal Management and Operations” within NHDOT.
  • April 2015: Spring Meeting (NHDOT, Room 114)
    NHITE's Spring Meeting featured a presentation from Nicholas Alexander (NHDOT, Asset Management, Performance, and Strategies Section) providing an overview of the NHDOT Asset Management Program.
  • December 2014: Annual Meeting (Common Man, Concord, NH)
    The NHITE Annual meeting featured an update from Bill Oldenberg (NHDOT) on recent and upcoming NHDOT initiatives and a presentation from Dan Morgan (Caliper Corp) on their latest traffic modeling software.
  • October 2014: Fall Meeting (UNH, Durham, NH)
    UNH/Durham joint presentation on Complete Streets Transformation of Main Street in Durham.
  • June 2014: Joint NEITE/NHITE/MEITE Meeting (Wells, ME)
    The joint meeting of the NEITE Section and the Maine and New Hampshire Chapters features a day program presentation on Integrating Geometric Design & Traffic Control for Improved Safety, by Tim Taylor from FHWA. The afternoon program features a Panel Discussion on Incorporating Technology into Highway and Arterial Projects.
  • April 2014: Spring Meeting (NHDOT, Concord, NH)
    Bill Oldenburg provided an overview of the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and NHDOT's efforts to reduce motor vehicle crashes in the state.
  • December 2013: Annual Meeting (Common Man, Concord, NH) The NHITE Annual meeting featured the NHITE Business Meeting and a presentation providing an overview of current NHDOT Rail & Transit Projects, presented by Shelley Winters, Administrator, NHDOT Bureau of Rail & Transit and Patrick Herlihy, Director, NHDOT Bureau of Rail & Transit
  • October 2013: Fall Meeting (Bedford Village Inn, Bedford, NH)
    This meeting featured a panel discussion focusing on the creation and implementation of traffic impact fees in New Hampshire. The panel members included: Marty Kennedy, P.E. – Senior Principal, VHB, Ross Moldoff, AICP – Planning Director, Town of Salem, Mike Dugas, P.E. – Chief of Preliminary Design, NHDOT Steve Buckley – Attorney, Hage Hodes, PA
  • December 2012: Annual Meeting (Common Man, Concord, NH)
    The NHITE Annual Meeting featured a late afternoon webinar on the Online Traffic Impact Study Software (OTISS). Following dinner, John Corrigan from NHDOT provided an update on the NHDOT Safe Routes to School program.
  • June 2012: Joint NEITE/NHITE/MEITE Meeting (Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth, NH)
    The joint meeting of the NEITE Section and the Maine and New Hampshire Chapters featured a day program presentation on Human Factors Considerations in Highway Design, by Keith Harrison from FHWA. The dinner program featured a presentation on Changes to the AASHTO Green Book and Roadside Design Guide, by Keith Harrison from FHWA.
  • March 2012: Adaptive Traffic Control (NHDOT)
    The meeting featured a presentation by Tom Cooper of Rhythm Engineering on Adaptive raffic Control and the InSync traffic controller system. 
  • December 2011: Annual Meeting (Common Man, Concord, NH)
    The NHITE Annual Meeting included a presentation from NHDOT Commissioner Christopher Clement as well as an overview of the Miovision Traffic Data Collection Systems, from Kyle Othmer (Miovision) and Stephen Pernaw.
  • September 2011: Status of New Hampshire Roundabouts (NHDOT)
    NHDOT staff Mike Dugas and Bill Oldenburg provided an overview of roundabouts under design and recently constructed in New Hampshire as well as a discussion of issues related to the public acceptance of roundabouts in the state. (View Presentation)
  • June 2011: New England Section/NH Chapter/ME Chapter Meeting (York, ME)
    The day program featured a workshop on the Highway Capacity Manual 2010 with Dr. Bastian Schroeder- Institute for Transportation Research & Education, N. Carolina State University. The evening program featured MaineDOT Commissioner David Bernhardt and New Hampshire DOT Commissioner George Campbell discussing transportation issues in Maine and New Hampshire.
  • March 2011: A Discussion on Highway Safety (Pat's Peak Ski Area)
    Stuart Thompson, NHDOT Highway Safety Engineer, and Marty Calawa, FHWA ITS/Safety Engineer, presented an overview of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, the Highway Safety Improvement Plan program, and the Highway Safety Manual.
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The New Hampshire Chapter of the Institute of Transportation
Engineers (NHITE) strives to:

  • Advance the objectives of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  • Foster closer association among ITE members
  • Encourage members to prepare and present papers
  • Offer suggestions on matters of policy to the New England Section of ITE (NEITE)
  • Consider local transportation and traffic engineering problems and present advice and comment consistent with ITE policies
  • Foster closer association and cooperation with local individuals and groups on matters of common interest
  • Encourage transportation and traffic engineering education in colleges, universities and technical schools
  • Encourage high school and post-secondary students to enter the profession
  • Encourage and support continuing education courses and programs in the profession


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